About Daniel Gooden

All people are creative to some extent. But, for me, creativity is life. Interacting with other people throughout our lives, is like the sculpture’s chisel. Chipping away rock to reveal the foundation of who we are. To see an idea take shape and become a beautiful piece of art, never ceases to amaze me. The visual arts have always been a magnet for me. To create something visually captivating, something that elicits a raw sometimes unexplainable emotion is my purpose.
As a child, I remember wanting to be a part of something powerful. However, like so many others, I followed the “responsible” path in my young adult life. I stopped feeding the passion to create and instead I poured my energies into trying to fit the status quo.
The thing about a passion is that the fire never really dies. It will smolder your entire life waiting for you to fan the flames. That’s what happened when I started into photography. I fanned the flames. That tiny little spark has since erupted into a volcano of 20 years of suppressed creativity that is now free to be expressed.

What I didn’t realize about the “responsible” side of my life is that this would be the keystone of who I am as an artist today. The experiences I had and the relationships that I developed along the way have been sculpting me for this journey.
To me art is fantasy. The surreal side of the world that we live in today. I have visions that only exist in my mind and then I find it is my passion to bring these visions to life through my work as an artist.

I love to collaborate with people that believe that the world isn’t only what we are taught, it can be anything that you can imagine. We are only limited by our creativity. I feel called to help others strive to achieve their greatness. My contribution to the world is to allow people to express themselves in ways that they thought were unimaginable. To see themselves as the hero in their own story. Through photography I want to help capture that story forever. There are no boundaries. The world is not flat!