Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the initial consultation?

A photo shoot is an investment. When you have made the decision to hire a professional photographer you have acknowledged that you want images that are a cut above the rest. The initial consultation ensures that the photographer and everyone else involved knows exactly what their role is. This is also to make sure that your expectations are known. Often times, people do not know exactly what they want from a photoshoot, so the consultation can help narrow it down to a manageable, more focused project.

What should I wear to my portrait session?

This question gets asked more often than any other. Hands down, people that are typically style conscious, are at a loss for what to wear at their photo shoot. It has been my experience that everybody, regardless of body type, looks their best in solid colors. Something of a neutral, earthy tone works well for outdoor portraits. You can get a little bolder in a studio set. It all boils down to what is discussed at the initial consult, and the look and feel of the images that you are trying to obtain.

What should I wear for my headshot session?

Headshots are different than portraits because they are meant to have a motive. That could be as an avatar for the various social, professional media pages. They are commonly used by actors/actresses and models to showcase who they are and their particular features. Because of that, what you wear can make or break your headshot. As the name implies a headshot is concentrated on your face. You will want to wear solid colors as in the portrait session but the style of clothing should represent the image that you are trying to convey. For business people, a sport coat or blazer, suit and tie, or any business attire works well. For models and actors/actresses, something more loose is acceptable as long as you aren’t too casual about it. Remember, your headshot is probably the first impression that you will give someone.

How long does a portrait session last?

A typical portrait session can last between 1 to 3 hours. Most people need a “warm up” period to get over stage fright. As we have already met during the initial consultation, this dramatically improves the flow of the shoot. No strangers here. Typically, 15 minutes to half an hour per outfit is spent to move through various poses. This ensures we get a variety of images.

How many outfit changes should I bring along to the photoshoot?

This is another one of the things that we will discuss at the initial consultation. However, if you are the type of person who has a hard time making decisions, this is one of those times when having a variety can’t hurt. Most sessions utilize 3-4 different outfits. Try to match them closely enough that you can easily change from one to the other without having to redo your hair and make up for each outfit.

What should I bring along to the shoot?

It is a good idea to bring the tools that you would need to touch up your hair and makeup. These include a hairbrush, hair ties, barrettes, hair spray. As for makeup, bring along everything that you applied already. That’s right everything. Your makeup and hair will need to be retouched, I can promise you. Refreshments will be provided by Daniel Gooden Photography.

What is a design consultation and do I need one?

The design consultation happens after the images have been selected and retouched. This phase of the process is to help you determine what products/prints would best suit your needs. This is generally not necessary for commercial work.

Will I receive a copy of the digital files?

Typically the digital files remain with the photographer. During the initial consult, and the design consult, you will have chosen the images that you would like to have printed. Once the printing has been done if you would like additional images then you will have to contact Daniel Gooden Photography to specify the image number and the product that you would like. Unless otherwise specified, during the consultation(s), the digital files will not be available to the client.

Can I use the images from my photoshoot on social media?

Yes. I will provide you with properly sized copies of the images that you have chosen for use on social media.