National Mulligan Day?

While I am not a true fan of golf, I take life lessons wherever I find them. Today,  October 17th, is #NationalMulliganDay.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with this term, allow me to explain. In golf, a mulligan happens when a player is allowed a second stroke after a poor shot, usually due to lack of skill or just bad luck.

I am sure there is no trophies that go along with said “mulligan”. And I doubt that it is very prestigious, however I think that we all can use a mulligan now and again. We work so hard trying to juggle the lives that we have built for ourselves that sometimes things don’t go as planned. It happens everywhere. If you feel like you could use a mulligan, remember the other guy/girl that can use one as well. Try this experiment, the next time someone is doing something for you or with you and it doesn’t go right for them, give them a mulligan. I’d bet you’ll feel better and I know they will.