Something bigger….

Often times I find myself stuck in quicksand, so to speak. I get caught up in my daily routine which seems like an endless cycle. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. How often do you get a reality check that there is so much more going on around you than you realize.

There are so many people in the world. Everyday, on your way to anywhere, you pass countless people who each have somewhere to go and something else going on. Imagine if we were all doing the same things, going to the same place. Parking would be horrible! Not to mention the fact that, whatever “it” is would be chaos with that many people. I have thought about this countless times and I am very thankful that the world is big enough for all of us.

With that said, can you stop and think for a minute, what life would be like, if a complete stranger took a few minutes from their busy day, just to see if they could help you in some way? I don’t mean in a “what’s in it for me?” way. But, in a way that is totally selfless. Sacrificing precious minutes or hours, possibly even more, from their life just to help you. What if you didn’t even know their name? Who do you thank?

I am gonna pause here, to introduce to you, a not so new concept. The concept of giving. I had the pleasure this past weekend to attend an event held at Earlyhouse in Louisa, VA. that is the inspiration for this post. Owners Bruce and Kathy Stiles, and their team hosted the 14th annual Central Virginia Charity Chili Cook off. They hold this event every year to help the National Kidney Foundation and The Good Doctors Foundation raise funds. As the event photographer I was gifted the pleasure of experiencing this gift that was the giving. Every person who was at that event was there just to give.

Whether that gift was time, money, or services doesn’t matter.  What matters is that an entire community came out to support people that they have never met. Now, some that were there have a very personal reason for being there. Some of the attendees that I talked to have been affected by some form of kidney disease or failure. Some have been the recipients of organ donation. Some were organ donors themselves. Talk about selfless sacrifice!


The weather was great for supporting a great cause.











The chili was flowing at the 14th annual Charity Chili Cook Off


Everybody had a great time sampling chili, playing games, listening to great music and supporting a great cause!

So next time you get the chance, (and I bet you’ll have one today), try giving just to give. No motive. No agenda. Just because……..