What now?

Remember when you were young learning to ride a bicycle? How about learning to swim, do you remember that? Your first kiss, the first time that you drove a car. The list goes on and on. As adults we have not lost that connection to self that brings reservation and doubt into our mind. As children, with these seemingly trivial things we steeled our resolve and conquered the fear.

It is inherently human to have doubts and reservations in our lives. There are many voices of fear. We have to listen to these voices as we cannot escape them. They make up the very fabric of who we are. We can, however use them to our advantage instead of letting them convince us that we can’t or shouldn’t do something.


Fear, on it’s fundamental level, is there to help protect us from harm. It is a basic instinct found throughout nature. The birds don’t have to think about flying away when we get too close. They just do it. To stop and think about it first would require precious time better spent on escape. Have you ever seen a flock of birds take flight only to land at exactly the same place moments later when the perceived threat is gone?

As humans, we have worked diligently throughout the ages to secure a lifestyle that no longer requires the use of these animal instincts to survive. An ever easy society has produced an interesting side effect. “Self Doubt”.

Self doubt is a very real instinctual emotion that has one real purpose. Self preservation. That’s right. Those little doubts and fears that you have in your life are trying to protect you from something. No, it’s probably not a lion creeping through the grass, ready to pounce. But it could be losing money, or being rejected, or not completing a task, failing to perform etc.

But, I have have good news. Most of these little doubts and fears that we have are not matters of life and death. Sure, there is disappointment, loss, and financial hardship looming in the horizon. But, more often than not, these voices in our head can guide us to happy healthy lives full of joy and wonder. Use these voices to make strategic decisions and don’t get stuck in the dogma of a society that has told you your entire life that you can’t.

Because, you can.